Training & Knowledge Sharing

The focus of the training programmes are government officials, members of project management teams, relevant agencies in Central line ministries & State/UT line departments.  Programmes designed includes Sensitization modules for political-policy; programme & project level personnel for Digital India; and some of the important frameworks, guidelines, common service infrastructure initiatives and/or emerging technologies. Specialised training programmes were created to develop competencies in specific areas such as procurement, project management, change management etc. While,  Intensive training programmes were designed specifically for the likes of Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

This programme aims to create e-governance champions within line ministries/ departments (Centre & States/UTs) to lead, manage, and execute e-governance initiatives; articulate an action plan to address the problems; and adoption of emerging technologies required at policy, programme and project levels. Train the Trainers in e-Governance programme is intended to create a required pool of certified trainers in various sub-domains of e-governance at the State & regional level, such as Administrative Training Institutes, training partners.

To meet the above objectives, the schemes’ focus is on:

  • Training and knowledge sharing initiatives, including dynamic training need assessment, orientation, thematic workshops, intensive role-based trainings & online learning, and knowledge exchange (LMS & KMS) to build desired capacities within the Government
  • Handholding support to the States & supplementing some of the critical competencies through State e-Mission teams (SeMTs)
  • Develop and strengthen suitable institutional framework