Knowledge management is fundamental to identify, create, share & effectively utilize organizational information and enable growth of an organization in the long run. In order to transform India into a ‘Knowledge Economy’, a Knowledge Management System (KMS) for e-Governance has been envisioned under the Digital India Programme. KMS enables stakeholders to effectively utilize the vast information available with Government organizations. It facilitates access, collaboration and sharing of information and knowledge on e-Governance issues and projects under the Digital India Programme.

Knowledge Management Framework

Key objectives of Knowledge Management System are:

  • To provide a congenial environment to Government employees to enhance and apply relevant information related to Government policies and processes
  • To enable employees to mutually collaborate for effective & quick problem solving.
  • To create & share knowledge as a product through systemic data analysis, to be able to further acquire core knowledge and enhance governance.

KMS is open to everyone in the Government domain to impart his/her knowledge and will provide an environment wherein knowledge flows smoothly from source to destination

Knowledge Management Maturity Model

NeGD has implemented the KMS the below mentioned Knowledge Management Maturity Model best outcomes. This will enable the Government organizations to subsequently evolve into a knowledge hub for all governance related projects

  1. Leading – An organization that has differentiated itself based upon knowledge management capabilities and continuously improved those capabilities
  2. Optimizing – An organization that has developed KM capabilities and actively integrated them into its daily operations and realized significant value
  3. Practicing – An organization that has implemented KM capabilities and has realized initial benefits
  4. Developing – An organization that has a basic set of KM capabilities in place and is still exploring the best way of utilizing them
  5. Aware – An organization that utilizes a few KM capabilities in an ad hoc fashion