DigiLocker is a flagship initiative of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) as part of the Digital India Programme. DigiLocker intends to provide citizens with ‘Digital Empowerment’ by allowing them to access authentic digital documents through a Digital Document Wallet.

The Government is aiming for the digital transformation with a philosophy ‘Minimum Governmnet and Maximum  Governance’, and it has identified three key layers- i) Cashless layer, ii) Paperless Layer and iii) Presenceless Layer. Cashless layer is taken care of by NPCI through the Digital Cashless transfer and the presenceless layer is been achieved by UIAI via Aadhaar and finally, the Paperless Layer is been addressed by DigiLocker adressing the eKYC, esign and verification process.

So, DigiLocker’s mission is eliminating the need for physucal documents and facilitate the sharing of e-documnets among institutions and organisations using a process that verifies the ‘authenticity’ of the documents online. As to Rule 9A of the Information Technology (Preservation and Retentionof Information by Intermediaries providing DigiLocker Facilities) Rules, 2016, notified on February 8, 2017 via G.S.R. 711, issued documents in the DigiLocker system ae regarded to be on par with oroinal physial documents (E).

Benefits to Citizens

  1. Important Documents Anytime, Anywhere!
  2. Authentic documents that are legally equal to originals
  3. Citizen’s consent is required for the exchnage of digital documents
  4. Faster service Delivery in the areas of Government Benefits, Employment, Financial Inclusion, Education and Health

Benefits to Agencies

  1. Reduced Administrative Overhead: Aimes towards paperless governance. It saves administrative costs by reducing the usage of paper and shortening the verification process
  2. Trusted issued documents are provided as part of the digital transformation
  3. Issued documents are retrieved in real-time from the issuing agency using DigiLocker

Special features and achievements under DigiLocker: 

  1. A total of Rs 452 crore documents have been made available to citizens
  2. DigiLocker like systems can be extremely useful in the event of a disaster. A successful example was demonstrated in the case of Kerala Flood, in which the IT department issued digital certificates to Kerala citizens during the Floods.
  3. Students in various states have access to more than 40 cr Educational Documents from school boards and higher education institutions
  4. Digital DL/ RC are made available to people, and the Transport Department has published a stateent about the acceptance of such papers by enforcement agencies
  • Popular use cases
Transport Dept (DL/RC Checks), Airports ID checks, Railways ID checks
  • Insurance Industry gung-ho on DigiLocker!
35 companies / 51 crore policies already onboarded
  • Over 100+ Fintechs (Banks, NBFCs, Insurance, Ecommerce, Digital Lenders, Payment Cos) at different stages of integration
  • Over 41+ crore educational awards + certificates
28 Centre/ State Boards and over 870 Academic Institutions on a single platform
  • DigiLocker now designated as the sole NAD and Skill Certificates Depository
  • DigiLocker is integrated with Health Stack
Providing Health ID, Cowin Certificate

STATISTICS : 31-12-2023

Sr Components    Achieved
1 Registered User   236.91 cr
2 Issued Documents       6.28 cr
3 Total Issuers        1684
4 Total Requesters        196

Visit: https://digilocker.gov.in/statistics