State e-Mission Team’s (SeMT) Orientation Programme

This orientation programme helps new joiners with their role clarity and makes them aware on the new developments under Digital India programme.

Target participants:

State e-Mission teams and Project e-Mission teams

Duration: 5 days

Target Audiences:

  • Faculty of the States & Central Training Institutes
  • Government Officers
  • Retired e-Governance Professionals
  • Academicians from Universities or Affiliated Colleges
  • CIO Alumni
  • SeMT (Minimum 5 years of experience)
S No. Theme Curriculum Resources Agenda
1. e-Governance
  • e-Governance Project Lifecycle
  • Government Process Reengineering
  • Role of SeMT, NeGD and Digital India, Change Management
  • e-Pramaan, e-Market, Digital Lockers, MyGov framework
  • Open Source and Proprietary Options in e-Governance
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Shri Satyajit Rao Vagvala
  • Shri JC  Kapoor
  • Shri BG Gupta
  • Shri Vakul Sharma (Advocate)
  • Dr Ramanathan Somasundram
  • Shri Ashish Sanyal
  • Shri Yogesh Pandit
  • Shri Amit Dubey
  • Dr PallabSaha (Chief Architect, The Open Group & EA Expert, National e-Governance Agency)

SeMT Orientation Agenda.pdf
2. Emerging Technology
  • Leveraging the common service infrastructure initiative for integrated service delivery (Umang/NCOG/Digilocker/Open forge)
  • Enterprise Architecture (IndEA)
  • Characteristics and disruptive capabilities of Cloud Technology
  • Block Chain, AI/ML & DL
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Shri Amit Dubey
  • Shri Atul Tripathi
  • Smt Uma Chauhan, MeitY
  • Shri Narayana Birakayala, Amazon
  • Shri Vinod Kumar, CEO, Kernelsphere
  • Shri Srinath Chakravarthy, VP, NISG
  • Shri Subhash Bhatnagar (Ex Prof, IIM A)
3. DPR/RFP/e-Procurement
  • MeitY Guidelines for Preparation of DPR; Key Elements of DPR & Cost Components of DPR
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Functional Requirements Specification/Software Requirement Specifications
  • COTS Vs. custom development Vs. Cloud/SAAS
  • Technical  and Commercial Assessment
  • Vendor Selection Method
  • Service Levels & Contract Management
  • GEM
  • Shri Satyajit Vagvala
  • Shri B. G. Gupta
  • Shri Vinay Thakur, COO,  NeGD
  • Dr Ramanathan Somasundran
  • Shri Deepesh Gehlot (GeM)