Collaboration with reputed Institutions

A special focus has been made on engagement with leading training and academic institutes within and beyond the Government to sustain the capacity building efforts and maximize the reach for covering maximum officials.

(i)     NeGD funded training programmes: These institutes can conduct the national/regional level training programmes with NeGD. These programs are designed for a set target audience and can be taken up based on its readiness, mandate, and availability of such funds with NeGD. The institutes are already conducting specialized trainings, CIO and CISO role-based trainings, thematic workshops and developing master trainers in e-Gov.

(ii)   Delivery of Standalone e-Governance programme: A number of training modules are being designed by NeGD to address various e-governance project implementation related training needs at the State/Ministry level. These programmes can be utilised by institutes/agencies/department for their specific target audience, where funds are provisioned by the State government/ Sponsoring authority. NeGD may help in customizing the training programme as per the need and target audiences, sharing related content and aligning experts for the programme.

(iii)  Undertake embedded e-Gov Training Programme: NeGD is also facilitating the institutes in designing e-Gov training modules along with sharing standardized content and faculty support for the small duration e-Gov training modules and seeding various cadres based training programmes as part of the curriculum in these institutions.

Setting up of a virtual IT cadre for e-Governance

Another key focus of Capacity Building scheme is the implementation of recommendations of the Expert Committee on the HR Policy for e-Governance under PMs committee. Where, recommendation for ‘Setting up of a virtual IT cadre for e-Governance by States’ was communicated through DO No. 3(34)/2014-EG-II dated 03rd September, 2014 from Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY).

The States have been instructed to take up necessary action at the earliest to set up a virtual IT e-Governance cadre. A suggested scheme for constituting a virtual cadre models was circulated along with the letter from the Secretary, based on scheme notified by the Government of Maharashtra and the Government of Madhya Pradesh, whereas some States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Haryana have also taken a step forward in this direction by setting up a separate IT cadre.

The e-governance competency framework developed by NeGD helps in identifying the roles, assessing the skill gaps and training needs for the virtual cadre. The training for virtual cadre could be organized from the funds available under CB scheme.