Chief Information Officer Program

CIO is a comprehensive training programme designed to build requisite competencies and to provide relevant exposure to selected government officers, who are leading, managing and are implementing e-Governance projects/initiatives. In this programme, participants are also exposed to domestic (national) and international best practices in e-Governance.

Target Participants:

Duration Level Agenda
5-8 Days e-Governance Leadership Programme (e-GLP):

Senior Officials from the Central and the State Governments at the level of Joint Secretary/Director and equivalent (central), Principal Secretary/ Secretary/Head of Department and equivalent (State)

12 -17 Days e-Governance Champion Programme (e-GCP):

Officials from the Central and the State Government at the level of Director, Additional Director, Joint Director, Chief Engineer or equivalent

S No. Theme Curriculum


  • Digital India Framework
  • Implementation Status of eKranti
  • Prospective challenges in each stage of the Project
  • Policy framework for standardized development of e-Governance systems in India
  • Programme Monitoring and Control
  • Government of India initiatives – My Gov, eSign, Digital Locker, UMANG
  • Aadhaar Enabled Integration of beneficiary Database for Service Delivery
  • Infrastructure for Digital India Programme- Optical Fiber, NII and Cloud Computing, Policy Framework on GSTN Critical Infrastructure, Governance (Security, risk, security etc.)
  • Digital Signatures
  • Data Digitization


  • Shri J .Satyanarayana ,Chairman of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
  • Shri Gaurav Dwivedi
  • Shri B.Krishna Murthy
  • Shri Vinay Thakur (NeGD)
  • Shri Debabrata Nayak (NeGD)
  • Shri Amit Jain (NeGD)
  • Dr  Ramanatham  Somasundaram
  • Shri Surender Rana (WIPRO)
  • Shri Vakul sharma (Advocate)

2. Emerging Technology
  • Digital India – Key initiatives (Umang, NCOG,  Digi-Locker & Open Forge
  • e-Governance Leadership amidst Technological Disruption
  • Leveraging Big Data, AI & ML for comprehensive citizen service delivery
  • Cloud Computing and cloud architecture
  • Blockchain Technology – Going beyond cryptocurrency – building consensus and fortifying data
  • Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning – Enhancing ICT based governance
  • e-Governance Maturity – The future of e-Governance in India
  • Internet of Things – Redefining government functioning
  • Making informed decisions on technology – Open source and proprietary options in eGovernance
  • Procurement for e-Governance Projects- Government eMarketplace
  • Design Thinking


  • Shri R. Chandrashekhar
  • Shri Tushar Rai (Ex. NeGD)
  • Shri Neeraj Kumar (NeGD)
  • Shri Debabrata Naik (NeGD)
  • Shri Vinay Thakur (NeGD)
  • Shri Narayana Birakayala (Amazon)
  • Shri Prakash Kumar (GSTN)
  • Shri Talleen Kumar (GeM)
  • Shri Amit Dubey
  • Shri Atul Tripathi
  • Shri Vakul Sharma (Advocate)
  • Shri Subhash Bhatnagar (Ex IIM -A Professor)
  • Shri Rohit Swaroop (Xplora Design Skool & Futurz Xplored)

3. International Exposure Estonia (e-Governance Academy)

  • e-Governance in Estonia
  • Interoperability and ICT framework in public sector
  • Integration and Architecture design “X Road” of government electronics information system
  • e-Services in Estonia – How “X Road” allows delivery of services – Case Study based session e-School, e-Police; e-Notary, i-Voting etc.)
  • e-Governance in development planning and e-Society
  • Legal Framework for establishing e-Governance in Estonia
  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Security
  • e-Governance in the parliament – Case studies e-Cabinet and e-Consultations
  • Data policies and Data services
  • Innovative e-Governance solutions at regional/local level
  • Geographical Information Systems – Reach U
  • Big Data Management using mobile technology – Case Study – Positium
  • Innovation and Start-ups in Estonia – Exhibition – Spark Demo
  • Block Chain Technology – Case Study – Guard Time and Open Government Principles and Democracy

  • Dr Arvo Ott Arvo e-Governance Academy (eGA)
  • Mrs Annela Kiiratse GA
  • Mr JanekRozov Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication
  • Dr LiiaHännie GA / Former Minister of Reforms and Adviser to President
  • Mr Aivar Rahno Government Secretariat, Government Office
  • Mr Jarno Laur Tartu County Governor
  • Mrs. Kadri Arrak, SPARK Demo, Tartu Science Park
  • Mr  Ivo Lõhmus,  GuardTime
  • ÜloSäre, CEO, Reach-U
  • Dr Kristina Reinsalu eGA
  • Representative from the Tax Board
International Exposure Singapore (eGL, NUS)

  • Experience Singapore’s Smart City initiatives
  • Data-driven Decision Making in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Smart/Urban Agriculture
  • Leading and Managing Large-scale Technology Projects: Singapore Experience
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Design and Delivery of Citizen Services


  • Site Visit: Experience the Future of Healthcare; Cyber-security Al Governance and Ethics
  • Site Visit: Singapore Water Management, Human Capital & Skills, Al Governance and Ethics
  • Site Visit: Service Innovation Lab

  • Mr Ashok Kumar Seetharaman (eGL)
  • Mr Michael Koh (Urban Redevelopment Authority URA)
  • Dr Leong Mun Kew (ISS)
  • Dr Matthew Chua (specialist in Medical & Cybernetics Systems)
  • Mr Tan Yong Heng Michael
  • Mr Tan EngTsze (EA Consultant &lecturer at ISS)
  • Ms Pauline Tan (Researcher)
  • Ms Tamsin Greulich-Smith (Smart Health Leadership Centre, NUS)
  • Mrs Tan Lay Ngan (ISS)
  • Ms Evelyn Goh (Personal Data Protection Commission)
  • Mr.Winston Wong (Industry Transformation Maps (ITMS)

International Exposure New Zealand (Viclink- Victoria University of Wellington VUW)


Site visit:

  • Government to Government (G2G) Know-How
  • History of NZ e-government and the more recent digital partnerships
  • Understanding Digital Identity in New Zealand: RealMe governance
  • Leadership of Digital Government
  • Role of University in Public Sector Reform
  • Customer-Centric Enterprise Architecture
  • Understanding the ICT Common Capability in New Zealand
  • Government Cloud Infrastructure
  • Case Studies; Data Sharing Case study; Understanding Data Privacy and Architecture in New Zealand; Life Stage Event service delivery in engaging with citizens
  • Site visit: Parliament and public sector precinct; Digital Service delivery to engage with businesses; Student/learner Data Portability Project
  • AI Case Study in Education
  • Understanding the use of data and digital technology in Agriculture
  • Health: Integrated Health Management System
  • Encouraging Innovation in Public Sector
  • All of Government: Purchasing and ICT procurement
  • Innovation Ecosystem in New Zealand


  • Ms Mary Tate (School of Information Management, Viclink)
  • Dr Emmet Mc Elhatton (Commercial Manager, G2G)
  • Mr Karl Lofgren (School of Government Viclink)
  • Ms Anne-Marie Cavanagh (Digital Government Strategy Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)
  • Dr Andreas Drechsler (School of Information Management)
  • Jane Kennedy (All of Government ICT
    Commercial Services, DIA)
  • Sam Minnée (Silverstrip)
  • Aidan Forrest(Silverstrip)
  • Tracey McFadyen (Social Investment Agency)
  • Kevin Rumble, 8Wire
  • Anna McDowell, Statistics NZ
  • Becky Cassam, Life Events, DIA
  • Bevan Hall, (Ministry of Business, Innovation
    and Employment
  • Doyet Sevilla, (Viclink)
  • Wendy Hamilton (Ministry of Education)
  • Andrew Taylor (Theta Digital Theta)
  • Euan Howden (Marketing & Platforms Education New Zealand)
  • Collier Isaacs and Christopher Wilson, (Ministry of Primary Industries)
  • Mark Jones, (Fish Serve Innovations New Zealand (FINNZ)
  • Kaye Hudson (Integrated Operations Centre
    Wellington Regional Hospital)
  • Simon Ross (Data Governance, Ministry of Health)
  • Grant Carpenter, Service Innovation Lab, DIA)
  • Brett Calton, Jonnie Haddon, and Brett Holland, (Lightning Lab Accelerator)
  • Dr Barbara Allen, ( School of Government)
  • Hamish Findlay, (Commercialization, Viclink)
  • May Low (Operations Manager, KiwiNet)