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An integral component of the Digital India Programme, Awareness and Communication ( A&C) division performs a crucial role of generating and raising awareness level of Digital India Programme by disseminating information, educating and communicating to citizens about services, initiatives, service delivery channels and projects that are being offered under the Digital India Programme.

The main objectives of the Awareness and Communication Division are:

  1. Build Brand recognition and enhance recall value of Digital India Programme
  2. Facilitate and enhance multi stakeholder participation of youth, academia, industry, Government, etc in making the Digital India Programme more effective.
  3. Motivate stakeholders and beneficiaries to participate and benefit from various services being offered under Digital India Programme
  4. Facilitate demand creation among citizens for Digital India services leading to adoption of various e-services
  5. For promotion, publicity and marketing of Digital India Programme, a varied mix of activities are performed and media is leveraged to execute PAN India campaigns as given below:
  • Production of audio visual components & execution of mass media campaigns- TV ads, radio ads, cinema ads, short films, etc
  • Production & dissemination of print material (design & content)-newspaper ads, brochures, booklets, newsletter, posters, calendar, diary, billboard designs, magazine articles & advertorials etc.
  • Outdoor media (planning & execution)- hoardings, bus queue shelters, unipoles, display boards at Railway Stations, digital display boards at Airports etc.
  • Social Media – Organic and paid marketing on Digital India’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin accounts and Youtube channels.
  • Organising and management of events and physical outreach activities – National events, International level conferences and exhibitions, University workshops, Rural Outreach (van based campaign) etc.
  • Production & distribution of branded material – pens, notepads, mugs, bags, pen drives, keychains and pen stands etc.