Train The Trainers Programme (TTT)

The programme aims to create and expand a pool of expert trainers, whose expertise can be used by the Central and the States / UTs governments for their e-governance training programmes. It also standardizes the delivery of content, ensuring that a comprehensive and quality facilitation of e-governance themes are delivered across the country through multiple training programmes. The programme focus on two modules: One on a selected e-Governance theme and second, building participants on training delivery, customizing design and facilitation skills for a programme on this theme. These participants are recognized as trainers (RTeG) after successfully completing the assessment process of certification deliverables.

Target Audiences:

  • Faculty of the States & Central Training Institutes
  • Government Officers
  • Retired e-Governance Professionals
  • Academicians from Universities or Affiliated Colleges
  • CIO Alumni
  • SeMT (Minimum 5 years of experience)

Duration: 11 days

S No. Theme Curriculum



e-Governance Project Life cycle
  • e-Governance Project Life cycle
  • Change Management & Capacity Building
  •  Business Models and PPP
  • Government Process Reengineering
  • Data Digitization
  • Information Security Threats
  • Information Security Technology and Assurance Framework
  • IT Audit of e-Governance Projects Learning Techniques
  • Preparing for a Workshop and Role of a Facilitator
  • Adult Learning- theories & principles
  • Digital India, e-Kranthi and NeGP 2.0
  • Key Facilitation Skills
  • Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation


  •  Shri B. Krishnamurthy (NISG)
  • Shri Abhirama Krishna
  • Dr. N Padmaja (NISG)
  • Shri Vikas Guru (NISG)
  • Shri Prakash Rao Sunchu (NISG)
  • Shri Krishna Mohan (Retd. IAS), RTeG
  • Shri Ashish Sanyal (Independent e-Gov Consultant)
  • Shri Vivek Vats, RTeG


TTT Agenda_eGLC.pdf

  • Objectives for Preparation of DPR
  • DIT Guidelines for Preparation of DPR
  • Key Elements of DPR Detailed Project Report, Request For Proposal & eProcurement
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Contract Management
  • Functional Requirements Specification,  COTs Vs Custom Development Vs Cloud/SAAS
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Deployment Architecture
  • Implementation Plan

  • Shri B. Krishnamurthy (NISG)
  • Shri Abhirama Krishna
  • Dr N Padmaja (NISG)
  • Shri Vikas Guru (NISG)
  • Shri Ashish Sanyal (Independent e-Gov Consultant)
  • Shri Prakash Rao Sunchu (NISG)
  • Shri Satyajit Rao Vagvala (NISG)
  • Shri Harish Vittal
  • Shri Vakul Sharma (Advocate)
Government Process Reengineering
  • Approach and Framework for GPR
  • Government Service Delivery Framework/Model
  • Identification, Categorization and Definition of Services
  • ‘Quality’ in Government Processes and Services
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Service Value analysis
  • Prioritization Framework

  • Shri Krishna Mohan (Retd. IAS), RTeG
  • Shri BG Gupta (Independent e-Gov Consultant)
  • Shri Satyajit Rao Vagvala (NISG)
  • Shri JC  Kapoor (Independent e-Gov Consultant)