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India Enterprise Architecture (IndEA) Framework along with its Adoption Guide were developed and released in December, 2018. The vision of IndEA is “to establish best-in-class architectural governance, processes and practices with optimal utilization of ICT infrastructure and applications to offer ONE Government experience to the citizens and businesses”.

During implementation of IndEA as well as in the light of advancement of technology, a need was felt to revise the IndEA document and accordingly, after multiple rounds of meetings and detailed deliberations, draft InDEA 2.0 document has been formulated (report given below).


India Digital Ecosystem Architecture (InDEA) 2.0 harmonizes and builds upon the architectural frameworks developed during the last few years. While codifying their principles, it provides a pragmatic approach to realize the concept of open digital ecosystems in an integrated and collaborative manner. It recommends a value-driven approach, a focus on capability building and above all, a preference to ‘enabling’ rather than ‘building’. It is an evolving and dynamic framework with continuous improvement as its mantra. The InDEA 2.0 framework enables establishing such a right balance in all the ongoing architectural initiatives and accelerates the realization of the vision of Digital India.