Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents.  DigiLocker has ushered in a paradigm shift towards paperless governance i.e. It has helped citizens and departments to shift from paper-based processes to paperless processes. It has striven to provide critical documents such as photo identity, education, transport, finance, and municipal-related documents to the citizen thereby empowering them digitally.  This massive exercise that started with liaising with the ’Issuers’, helping digitize their documents, and finally delivering these digital documents to the citizen through the DigiLocker application has resulted in over 6.27 billion (as of 21st September 2023) authentic digital documents being made available till date with over 196 million registered users/citizens using the platform.

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