Awareness and Communication (A&C) project is an integral component of Digital India Programme. A&C performs the crucial role of generating and raising the level of awareness about Digital India, related services and schemes amongst diverse stakeholders across the country. The main objectives of A&C activities are:

  • Expand visibility of Digital India Programme : Project’s aim is to inform, educate, communicate to the citizens about various initiatives under “Digital India Programme”, thereby empowering them and establish the brand “Digital India”  by way of effective branding exercise across various platforms- Mass media, Rural Outreach,  Social media, events etc.
  • Help citizens understand benefits of Digital India initiatives
  • Facilitate demand creation for various services leading to more adoption of services:
    • Increase in downloads of app based services
    • Increase in likes on Social Media platforms

There are various activities that are conducted under the A&C project as mentioned below:-

  • Events: end to end event management of national and international events including branding, stage management, interviews, social media, publicity through advertising in Newspapers, Radio, Outdoor Media etc.
    • International: G20 DEWG Meetings, GPAI 2023, GCCS 2017
    • National: Digital India Week, Padma Awards, Inter-Ministerial Conference on Cyber Security
  • Social Media Posts
    • Digital India Channels
      • Twitter (DI: 2 Million )
      • Facebook (DI: 4 Million)
      • LinkedIn (DI: 56k)
      • Koo (DI: 6K)
      • Youtube (DI: 53k)
      • Instagram (DI: 478k)
  • MeitY Channels
    • Twitter (MEITY: 3k)
    • Facebook (MEITY: 154k)
    • Koo (MEITY: 1k )
    • Youtube (MEITY: 433)
  • NeGD Channels
    • Twitter (NeGD 10k)
    • Facebook (NeGD 12k)
  • Mass Media Activities across Electronic (TV & Radio) and Print Media
  • Outdoor Media
  • Content Creation
    • Press Releases
    • Website Content
    • Social Media Posts
    • Newsletter
  • Video Production
    • Testimonial Videos
    • Production of Short Videos on key initiatives/services of Digital India
    • Video on Digital India Programme for PM Events
  • Designing
    • Social Media Posts
    • Brochures
    • eBooks
    • Flyers
    • Standees, Banner and Backdrops
    • Website Page
    • Logos
  • Outreach Campaigns
    • Van based outreach campaigns
    • Digital India Awareness Campaign at Universities & Colleges
    • Digital India Awareness Campaign at Delhi Metro Stations
  • Other Work
    • Digital India Tableau
    • Digital India Experience Zones Exhibits
    • India International Trade Fairs
  • Merchandise
    • Procurement of Digital India branded collaterals- Bags, Pens, Note Pads, Mugs, Pen Drives, Caps, T-Shirts etc.

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