CISO Deep Dive training program


12 June, 2023
Place- Pune

    • 2023
A 5-day CISO Deep Dive training program commenced on June 12- June 16, 2023, at Yashwantrao Chavan Academy Of Development Administration (YASHADA).
The programme was organised by MeitY and implemented by NeGD; this training aims to spread awareness on Cybersecurity & build capacity of Govt Deptts to take steps towards securing a resilient e-infra.
Key Highlights:
🛡️ Programme inaugurated with 22 participants from Central Line Ministries and States/UTs at YASHADA.
🛡️ Emphasis was on the need for CISO Training Program and its benefits, encouraging participants to expand their knowledge.
🛡️ Programmed aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of information and cyber security with a curriculum developed in consultation with industry experts.
🛡️ Programme is designed to address current challenges pertaining to Cyber threats.