Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme-Phase-I:  To enhance the number of PhDs in the country in Electronics & IT, Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme was initiated in March 2014 by MeitY with Cabinet’s approval, for 9 years (extended till March 2024) with outlay of Rs. 466 Cr. The scheme is being implemented by DIC. The scheme has covered 97 institutions in 25 states & 4 UTs. 512 full time & 100 Part Time PhDs are completed whereas 170 Full Time & 100 Part-Time PhD theses submitted. 223 Full Time & 200 Part Time candidates are pursuing PhDs.158 Young Faculty Research Fellowships awarded, 3 are currently pursuing. 5750 Research Papers have been published & 82 Patents have been filed.


Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme-Phase-II: The 2nd phase of the scheme was approved in September 2021 for 9 years with budget of Rs. 481.93 Cr. to support 1000 Full Time and 150 Part Time PhD Candidates, 225 Post-Doctoral Fellowships & 50 Young Faculty Research Fellowships.  Selected 250 Full Time PhD candidates would get opportunity of 6 months visits to labs abroad. DIC will enter into agreement with the selected Labs. 120 Full Time PhD candidates are currently pursuing at 53 institutions. 200 more Full-time PhD seats have been allotted to 57 institutions where the Candidates are being enrolled. Proposals for 200 Full-time and 30 Part-time PhD seats have been received.

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