National e-Governance Division has developed a Rapid Assessment System for online instant feedback for e-services (online as well as offline through counters) delivered by Government of India and State Governments. The main objective of RAS is to continuously assess the quality of eServices, through feedback, under each e-Governance project and realign processes to achieve targeted benefits.

RAS interface prompts the citizens to provide feedback about the quality of service immediately after the citizen avails an eService of the Government. The analytic features of RAS help integrated departments in system improvement and better delivery of services.

Salient Features of RAS:

  1. Trigger based service integration with Department process workflow
  2. Integration through APIs
  3. Localization support (Allows citizen to give feedback in his/her local language)
  4. Easily configurable by User Department (Department can easily configure the mode of questions, type of questions, number of questions or text of questions as per their requirement)
  5. Feedback through multiple communication channels like SMS or Web Browser or Mobile Application (UMANG)
  6. Form Builder

How Rapid Assessment System works:

Benefits to Citizens:

  1. Enables citizen to give immediate feedback online and share his/ her experience of availing service.
  2. Provides an electronic mechanism for online feedback.
  3. Enables Government Departments to better and improve Services.

Benefits to Ministries/ Departments:

  1. A generic feedback system to be used by all Government Ministries/ Departments for delivery of eServices
  2. A mechanism for continuous measurement of Quality of Service (QoS)
  3. Helps in identifying pain areas and improve Quality of Service

STATISTICS: 03-07-2023

Sr No Components Statictics
1 Integrated States/ UTs      29
2 Integrated Central Ministry Projects/ MMPs      13
3 Integrated Departments     456
4 Integrated Services    2613
5 Total Feedback Requests 77.11 cr
6 CoWIN Feedback Requests  51.76 cr

Services Integrated

  • CoWIN
  • e-District Delhi,
  • e-District MP,
  • Govt. of Haryana,
  • National Digital Literacy Mission,
  • Cybergram Yojana,
  • Meeseva,
  • e-District Mizoram,
  • JharSewa,
  • e-District Tripura,
  • Guwahati Municipal Corporation,
  • e-District Uttarakhand,
  • e-District Uttar Pradesh,
  • Govt. of Punjab,
  • Govt. of Himachal Pradesh,
  • Govt. of Rajasthan,
  • Chandigarh Administration,
  • Digital Gujarat,
  • MeeSeva Telangana

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