Program Management Information System is a product, build using open source technologies which is being used to track and monitor project initiation, planning, execution and management. It can be utilized for Central/State/Integrated MMPs, Departmental and Adhoc projects under Digital India.

The Key features of PIMS are:

Portfolio Management-

  1. Enables management of portfolio of various programs and projects
  2. Grouping of various projects into programs while identifying dependencies

Program Planning-

  1. Enables better visibility of programs, by provisioning formation of charts encompassing various projects.
  2. Enables NeGD members, State Governments, Line Ministries and other agencies to upload their programs for Digital India online

Project Planning, Execution and Monitoring-

  1. Facilitates planning of DI programs and associated projects by formation of work breakdown structure via gnat chart, resource allocation, maintain relevant contact details and maintain project related documentation.
  2. Enables user and role management for various stakeholders, implementing agencies, field officers and nodal officers.
  3. Enables risk and issue management, tracking of action points discussed in meetings associated with programs / projects.
  4. Enables maintenance of event and meetings schedule /calendar.
  5. Allows sending and receipt of notifications via mail or sms.

Registration of last mile implementation locations-

  1. GIS enabled registration of event locations via application and mobile.
  2. Allows online submission of project completion details and its verification facility.
  3. The software can manage media i.e. photos and videos relating to work completion.

Interoperability requirements-

  1. Can interact with other application dashboards and receive relevant information from them.


  1. Dashboard for monitoring program components
  2. Dashboard for information display at various levels - Country wise, state wise, district wise, block wise, panchayat wise, implementation point wise, etc.
  3. A visual reporting system comprising of GIS, graphs and pie-charts with drill down capabilities is envisioned in order to make the information user-friendly and accessible.
  4. Reports on resource utilization by projects etc.
  5. The software reports can also be customized as per requirements of the other NeGD programs, which are provided time to time.
  6. Provision to obtain dynamically generated reports, and get standard bar / pie charts dynamically
  7. Provision to monitor schedule and budget variance across portfolio, programs and projects