Programme Management Information System, one of the key initiatives under the Digital India initiative, is aimed at providing a web-based, centralised tool for monitoring and evaluation of the physical, financial and outcome parameters of the Mission Mode projects under e-Kranti framework of Digital India program and other such e-Governance projects.

PMIS is integrated in Minsitry of Toursim under PRASHAD  Scheme-

Objectives of PRASHAD  Scheme:

1) Rejuvenation and spiritual augmentation of important national/ global pilgrimage destinations

2) Enhance tourism attractiveness of identified pilgrimage destinations and heritage cities under integrated tourism development of heritage city in planned, prioritized and sustainable manner by providing world class tourism projects in them

3) Position pilgrimage and heritage tourism as a major engine for its direct and multiplier effects of economic growth and employment generation

4) Follow community-based development through ‘Pro-Poor’ tourism concept and ‘responsible tourism’ initiatives

5) Assure active involvement of local communities through employment generation

6) Assure active involvement of local communities through employment generation

7) Promote heritage in the form heritage structures especially under integrated tourism development of heritage city, local arts, culture, handicrafts, cuisine, etc., to generate livelihood in the identified places

8) Develop a monitoring mechanism for timely implementation of the projects in collaboration with the States/UTs and other stakeholders

9) Strengthen the measures for safety and security of pilgrims and tourists and, improve the quality of tourism services

10) Enable convergence of state and central government schemes as well as private sector developments for integrated site/ destination development.


  1. Total No Of projects: 75
  2. Total Amount Sanctioned (INR Crore) : 1036.87
  3. Total Released Amount : 589.72
  4. Total number of users: 200

New Features Implemented in PMIS:

  1. ROLE Based Access of Various Types of Dashboard
  2. Implementation of Power BI dashboard
  3. Generate Custom report using Query Builder
  4. Generate Excel data based on various component and subcomponent with different colour code
  5. Notification of Data with various nodal officer when new data added to the system
  6. PMIS is integrated in Digital north East Project
  7. Tracing of daily/ Monthly Data update

Statistics of Digital north East Project

  1. Total No Of thrust Areas : 9
  2. Total Project count : 443
  3. Total No of Users : 43

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