In order to utilize and harness the benefits of 'Cloud Computing', Government of India embarked upon an ambitious initiative -“GI Cloud”, which has been coined as "MeghRaj". The focus of this initiative is to accelerate delivery of e-services in the country while optimizing Government of India's spending on Information & Communication Technology. The architectural vision of GI Cloud consists of a set of discrete Cloud Computing environments which are spread across multiple locations; built on existing or new (augmented) Infrastructure; and following a series of common protocols, guidelines & standards issued by Government of India.

The MeghRaj Policy of Government of India provides a new model of offering services (including IaaS, PaaS & SaaS) to the end users at a fast pace which is cost effective too. The focus of this initiative is to evolve a strategy and implement various components including governance mechanism to ensure proliferation of Cloud in the Government. The underlying broad objectives for adopting a Cloud Computing strategy are as given below:

  • Optimum utilisation of Infrastructure
  • To speed up development and deployment of various e-Governance applications
  • Easy replication of successful applications across States, for avoiding duplication of effort & cost in development of similar applications
  • Availability of Certified applications following common standards at one place

For the effective usage of entire 'GI Cloud' environment, it is imperative to build capacities within the Government by adapting a harmonized and synchronized approach, and to ensure availability of right skills in various implementation teams across Ministry(s) and Departments. It is very important to have the required skill set within project teams to design, develop, manage and monitor the Project. This requires domain knowledge, as well as technical and techno-commercial-legal capabilities at different levels of Government officials. Most importantly, it requires a basic change in outlook and functioning of the Government, so that it becomes citizen-centric rather than process- centric.

The Capacity Building Project under the approved MeghRaj Policy aims at providing technical and professional support to Central and State level policy and decision making bodies; and to develop specialized skills which are required for adoption & transition from current status to the future Cloud environment, both at department and individual level.


The core objective of Cloud Capacity Building project is to build and enhance the capacities of the Government officials at Policy, Programme and Project level in Centre and State/ UTs. Stakeholders who are involved in the Cloud project should also posses a holistic understanding on enablement and adoption of the Policy. It is essential to strengthen manpower skills within the Government and existing project team in order to give impetus to Cloud IT initiatives. Though applicability will differ as per the defined role, this would also lead to creation of Cloud Computing awareness programms across the Government departments & agencies at both Centre & State level. Establishing an institutional framework, engaging personnel with required skill sets, experience and upgrading internal skills through training, e-learning, workshops etc.

Announcement of Online Cloud Capacity Building Programmes starting from 22nd June ’2020

Target audience

The programme is targeted only for Government sector personnel, officials, key resources responsible to lead or manage the Cloud initiative across all Central and State Ministries/ Departments and associated agencies / organisations. SeMTs, Cloud /SDC project teams, eGov Nodal agency.

Calendar for Online Series

Sessions for July - September' 2020 (** Sessions & Dates may change based on speaker confirmation)

Date & TimeSessionSpeaker- Organisation
22-06-2020 / 12:00 pm
Singapore: Cloud Strategy
Singapore: Cloud Adoption Journey
National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS) 
22-07-2020 / 12:00 pmEmpanelment of Cloud Service OfferingsCloud Management Office (CMO), MeitY- PWC
29-07-2020 / 12:00 pmCloud Deployment/ Experience Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDBRT)
05-08-2020 / 12:00 pmSLA/ Contractual Agreements for Cloud Procurement- Best Practices of Designing Cloud Strategy: A Govt PerspectiveGartner
12-08-2020 / 12:00 pmProcurement of Cloud Services through Managed Service Providers (MSPs)Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL)
19-08-2020 / 12:00 pmTotal Cost of OwnershipMicrosoft Corporation
26-08-2020 / 12:00 pmProcurement- GeMGovernment eMarketplace (GeM)
02-09-2020 / 12:00 pmCloud StandardsStandardisation Testing & Quality Certification (STQC), MeitY
09-09-2020 / 12:00 pmCloud SecurityAmazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL)

Cloud Team- Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities of Cloud Team